Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Glass

Acid-etched glass is a special type of glass that is treated with hydrofluoric acid to provide a frosted look to its surface. It is annealed to make it even tougher and durable. In some cases, the entire glass is etched with acid, while in other cases; only a few sections are treated with acid for designing purpose.

Acid-etching provides amazing finishing to the glass and makes its surface smoother. Moreover, the glass can tolerate stress in a better way if treated with hydrofluoric acid. It is durable and thus can easily be cut into different sizes and shapes.

The acid-etched glass is used for the making of glass walls, partitions, doors, railings, and shelves. Remember, that the opacity of the acid-etched glass varies depending on the purpose for which they are manufactured.

Based on your requirements you can get different products of acid-etched glass at Vitrerie Starlight. Our experts understand all the properties of glass and thus always succeed in providing superior quality glass products to clients for residential as well as commercial purposes. Our goal is to make sure our clients get the services they deserve by keeping them informed at all times. Trust and Quality are our priorities!

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