Glass Table Top and Tempered Glass Shelf Products

Glass Table Top and Tempered Glass Shelf Products

Upgrade Your Décor: Glass Table Tops Shine in Montreal

Glass table tops are a great way to bring an elegant touch to your living room, dining room or den. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of your tables, they offer immense protection to it. Whether it is a simple rectangle or a custom shape, Vitrerie Starlight Glass table tops can fabricate it for you as you desire.

Just replacing your dingy, cracked and discolored table tops with our premium table tops can restore the interior décor of your home to its former glory. Considering the strength they provide, they are perfectly suitable for workspaces and commercial uses as well.

Custom Glass Table Top Montreal

Using a custom glass table top protect the furniture from scratches, spills, and stains and keeps it looking polished for years to come. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the opportunity to choose the glass type you want and ensures a perfectly customized fit for your furniture.

Glass Table Top Expertise and Quality – Our Process and Approach

Over the years, the professionals at Vitrerie Starlight Glass have cut and installed a variety of table tops and gained the desired expertise to simplify the whole process for its clients. From picking the visual tint to the right material thickness, we are here to look after all.

Explore the Elegance of Glass.
Glass table tops are the best option for elegance and sophistication in the interior decor of home. Vitrerie Starlight leads in this tendency, with a stunning selection of glass table tops that will not only make your furniture more beautiful but also provide it with an additional protective layer. Be it classic rectangles, any bespoke shape that you desire or any other shape, our skilled artisans are ready to make your dream come true.

Rebirth of Interior Aesthetics
The introduction of a glass table top into your living space will change the overall appearance and feel of the room. The premium glass product of Vitrerie Starlight can restore even the most dulled and worn-out pieces and bring elegance back to your home. Our glass table tops are not just accessories; they are made to last, a perfect solution for a quiet home and a busy commercial environment.

Bespoke to Your Unique Style
What differentiates us is our dedication to customization. Vitrerie Starlight sees every piece of furniture as unique and it only deserves a glass table top that would symbolize its uniqueness. We have a wide variety of glass types so that your furniture gets the best possible match that not only keeps it protected from daily usage but also compliments your décor. Our special glass table tops make your furniture look new even thousands of years later and this in turn increases its functionality and beauty.

Mastery and Quality: In other words, we can guarantee
Our process is all about you – starting from the perfect visual tint selection and up to the exact material thickness needed for your part. Our style is high-touch, individualized, ensuring that every little thing is looked after, providing a product that surprises.

Light and Style – Space Transformers
The magic of a glass table top is in its ability to fill a space with light, making it look more spacious and brighter. Glass table tops of Vitrerie Starlight not only serve as surfaces but as the focus of the whole room, they attract light, as well as make rooms appear more roomy and inviting. When you go for a glass table top, you are not only picking out a piece of furniture but you are also making a statement about your home and your taste.


1. What composes a glass table top?
A glass table top is a plain piece of transparent glass that is used to cover a table to keep it clean, improve the aesthetics or create a clean and smooth working or dining surface.

2. What are the pros of glass table top?
Benefits of glass table tops are that they are highly durable, anti-stain, anti-scratch, easy to clean, and it allows for displaying the design of the table base. Light is reflected by glass too, and in such a way it magnifies and illuminates small areas.

3. What type of glass is used for table tops?
Each type has unique characteristics in terms of durability, security, and aesthetic.

4. What materials should table tops be made of?
The tempered glass is highly advisable for the table top since it is characterized by its top strength and safety features. The tempered glass is safer than the standard glass being that it has undergone heat-treatment to improve its strength and breaking resistance. The tempered glass’s propensity to shatter into tiny, mostly innocuous pieces decreases the likelihood of injury.

5. Can glass table tops sizes or shapes be made to order?
The customization of glass table tops is almost limitless as they can be manufactured in any size and design requirement. Whatever the shape—round, square, rectangular, or custom—glass can be cut and polished in the size exactly as you need.

6. What is the ideal thickness of a glass table top?
For the usual dining or coffee table the glass thickness varies from 1/4 to 3/4 inch. Bigger and heavier tables may require thicker glass for additional strength and stability.

7. Are there some measures to take into account when using a glass table cover?
Despite the fact that glass table tops are tough and resistant to scratch, they may just lose at the wrong time when impact causes them to shatter. Place coasters or placemats on the glass surface to prevent scratches and heat damage, and do not set heavy or sharp objects directly on it. In addition, regular gentle cleaning using a mild glass cleaner and soft sponge helps retain its aesthetical look.

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