Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are a great way to bring an elegant touch to your living room, dining room or den. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of your tables, they offer immense protection to it. Whether it is a simple rectangle or a custom shape, Vitrerie Starlight Glass table tops can fabricate it for you as you desire.

Just replacing your dingy, cracked and discolored table tops with our premium table tops can restore the interior décor of your home to its former glory. Considering the strength they provide, they are perfectly suitable for workspaces and commercial uses as well.

Custom Glass Table Top Montreal

Using a custom glass table top protect the furniture from scratches, spills, and stains and keeps it looking polished for years to come. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the opportunity to choose the glass type you want and ensures a perfectly customized fit for your furniture.

Over the years, the professionals at Vitrerie Starlight Glass have cut and installed a variety of table tops and gained the desired expertise to simplify the whole process for its clients. From picking the visual tint to the right material thickness, we are here to look after all.

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