Glass Wall Partitions

Glass Wall Partitions

Glass wall partitions have been quite a popular choice for areas where you wish to create the illusion of space. They have been a vital design element in schools, offices, and workspaces since ages and now have entered in modern homes as well.

Vitrerie Starlight glass partitions are the best way to define open space in residential and commercial buildings without having to compromise on openness. Our glass walls make a bold statement and act as a unique feature wherever installed.

Our glass partition walls are constructed with high-quality tempered glass and durable materials that make them perfectly suitable for sunrooms, wall dividers, shower doors, and closet partitions. We also offer frosted, clear or textured finishes that look ultra-classy and offers great privacy.

Every glass wall project we undertake is customized according to the clients’ specific needs. We pay an in-person visit to measure your area, discuss the design options and offer you a custom quote. Our glass partition walls are glazed for soundproofing and structural strength, custom-designed to meet your specifications and complied with the state’s building code regulations.

Glass Office Partitions

Starlight is well-known for installing high-quality, affordable interior glass doors for office spaces. We design and install glass room partitions in a variety of styles and finishes. We also provide simple, functional, and stylish accessories to suit your specific project needs. We are experienced in installing premium partitions in a number of commercial spaces including, offices, healthcare, hospitality, education, government offices, and retail outlets.

At Starlight, safety and quality are fabricated into every single door panel. We take pride in enhancing the workspace functionality by incorporating our wide range of modern interior glass door solutions. Whether you want sliding, swing, or bi-fold doors, we can craft partition doors according to your requirements. Our every product allows the flow of natural light and can be customized to optimize functionality.

We offer products to maximize your interior space with minimal cost. Our products range includes glass office partitions, glass cubicles, and privacy room enclosure walls. We make use of the highest quality tempered or laminated glass to provide you the best possible safety.

Starlight takes care of your complete office partition project. We plan, design, and install glass partition walls with precision and perfection. Our experts will first carefully evaluate your office space and then make sure the installation goes smoothly so that you’re satisfied with the outcome. So if you’re looking for office partition in Ottawa or Montreal, look no further.

Glass Room Partitions

Glass Room Partitions not only split a room but also provide aesthetic appeal to the place. It can be used anywhere, whether it is an office or home. They help in organizing things in a better way. At home, you can provide separate places to your kids, while in the office you can designate different areas to your employees using Glass Room Partitions.

Modern people prefer natural light for their buildings so that the place can remain airy and have an adequate amount of light. Glass Room Partitions are the best choice for letting daylight in, regardless of whether they have windows or not. Most importantly, if there are a lot of glass elements in the business, then the building is exploited to a lot of solar energy. It also elevates the well-being of homes.

At Vitrerie Starlight we offer a huge variety of glass room partitions of different sizes. Moreover, our glass partitions are made of superior quality and are not only durable but economical too. We take pride in saying that we keep our clients informed about each and everything and provide them only with the best of our services.

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