Shaped Glass

Shaped Glass

The aesthetic, technical and energy properties of shaped glass provided by Vitrerie Starlight make way for endless applications in industrial and interior decoration purposes. With a wide range of variety available with us, architects happily use our premium quality glass for their creative projects.

Along with regulating the amount of light, our superior shaped glasses ensure comfort for the building occupants. The insulation properties of our glasses reflect heat from the building, prevent heat loss and actively safeguard the environment. As a result, the inside of the building remains bright yet cooler than with normal glass.

Vitrerie Starlight shaped glasses are stronger than the ordinary glass available in the market and offer high resistance towards thermal shock. Due to this any major injuries can be successfully prevented.

Ranging from clear to colored glass, specific shapes to custom designs, we have covered you for all. You can use shaped glasses to various applications like wall partitions, table tops, railings, etc.

When you shop from us, you can be assured of competitive pricing, on-time delivery, excellent customer service, and highest product quality.

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