Thermo Replacements

Thermo Replacements

Are you looking to replace your old single-pane windows or foggy double pane glass units? At Starlight Glass, we install superior quality thermal pane glass. We provide the thermal glass that can improve the thermal efficiency of a home or office. Thermal glass consists of two panes of glass, usually about 1⁄8” thick, and works to retain as much heat as possible.

Our products offer excellent energy efficiency in homes with the help of the air pocket between the two sheets of glass. Thermo-pane glass, also known as double- or triple-paned windows is the best-insulated glass units. The insulated glass windows come with two or three panes. Each of the panes is separated by spacers to create an air pocket between the glass panels.

The broken or single-pane windows are not energy-efficient and increase your HVAC costs. Thermo replacement will not only help in energy savings but will also prevent problems like mold and mildew. Thermal pane replacement is a viable option to get a stronger, longer-lasting window at the best possible price.

At Starlight, we take pride in installing the finest quality thermal products. Our glass is energy-efficient which limits the heat input during the summer and/or the heat output during the winter. We not only offer the best products but also evaluate your window to see if the glass needs a repair or replacement. So if you’re considering thermal replacement, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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