Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Tempered glass also known as toughened glass is a type of glass that is operated with thermal treatment to make it more resistant to breakage and cracking. When it comes to strength and security while choosing a glass window or door, then tempered glass is the preference of most of the people. Moreover, it is an inexpensive option for security purposes. In the unlikely event of tempered glass breakage, tempered glass shatter into small pieces with dull edges, significantly reducing the risk of cuts from glass.

The most significant advantage of tempered glass is that they provide superior resistance to shock. Furthermore, there are a lot of applications for which tempered glass is used. They are as follows:

  • For making glass railings.
  • For doors and windows.
  • For swimming pool fences.
  • For making shower units.
  • For making glass tabletops.
  • For making glass bifold units.
  • For glass room partitions.

At Vitrerie Starlight, we offer high-quality tempered glass products to our clients. We have been working with glass for many years now, and thus understand what it takes to make high-end products with tempered glass. We strive to fulfil all the needs of our customers and make sure that they get what they really want.

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